I hope you’re keeping active and well in these difficult times.

It has been a very challenging few days and unfortunately we have no option but to close our classes until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

I’ve been really touched by how supportive you have all been.


We can and will continue to hold classes and train together throughout these challenging times!!

During this period of social distancing it can be very easy to feel isolated and lose focus. I  would like us to all pull together, support each other and remain in contact via Social media etc. Please feel free to share on our Facebook page. Let us all know what you’re up to and share any tips you may have for staying physically and mentally active at this time.

I also feel that it’s important that we all remain engaged and try to keep up our karate training at home. Therefore, I will be taking our training and classes online to keep us all moving with regular videos, live classes, and some fun activities and quizzes.

The live online classes will be delivered through an app called Zoom. This can be used on computers, tablets and mobile phones and is available from https://zoom.us/download or from your app store. Please download Zoom for Meetings app.

I would like to run a trial meeting tonight (Monday 23 March) – I will send out details later today.

I will also be posting other content to the website and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ShirokawaKarateAcademy/

Please bear with me while I get this all this up and running. This way of working and the software involved is new to me, plus I have to  get my place tidy before I let you all in!

I do plan to post a short video today to get you started.

Also, when this is all over I will hold private and semi-private (small groups of similar grades) lessons on our return and some free seminars to make up for training time lost.

Stay safe, and I hope to see you all soon.