Online Lessons

We are currently running 3 online classes per week. Each class is 30 minutes at the following times:

  • Monday 6pm
  • Tuesday 6pm
  • Friday 5pm

The classes will be run via the Zoom App. Please download from: 

It is my intention to trial this schedule for a few days. I may have to split into 2 classes according to grade.

I have some guidelines that will hopefully make things run as smoothly as possible.

  • Clear a small space to train
  • Since time is limited I won’t be doing a full warm up. Feel free to do some extra stretches before the class
  • Please minimise Background noise (turn off the telly!)
  • You can wear your karate gi or gym gear – it’s up to you
  • Please keep any questions short
  • If everyone talks at once it can get very confusing, please mute your microphone unless you want to ask a question.

Let’s make the most of this and have a bit of fun!